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Reverend Jack L. Duis author of, Miracles Touched By God
Reverend Jack L. Duis

Reverend Jack L. Duis is an ordained minister of over twenty-one years. Born and raised in South Western Michigan. Jack has been gifted by God with several spiritual healing gifts... which has been used by God to heal the masses. Jack has entwined in his ministry these gifts to show the “reality” of God to the many of whom that may suspect that there is no real God.
This book, “Miracles, Touched By God “ was not put together in a matter of weeks, but, has taken him over a period of five long years. Everything in this book is factual, based on real people and is documented to that fact! This is not a fiction book!
Miracles, Touched By God is a real “faith” builder, showing the reader , just how God has given individuals “miracles” from Him. Jack. says, “ some individuals that refuse to recognize the fact that God still performs miracles through men of God, are not in need of a miracle from God! When the time comes when doctors say they have done all they can for a person, they quickly come to the reality that, they need a miracle from God.
This book is one of those books that once you begin reading it, you will not stop reading it until you have finished it ….enjoy !

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As an ordained minister, evangelist, and with a healing ministry, I endeavor to tell how God has used me to pour out His never ending love for mankind through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that those who read this book (especially the layman, ministers , and Evangelists) will take heed of what the Holy Spirit is doing today… not yesterday, but today . Not to limit the Living God to just the minute things of life, but through the Holy Spirit dare to trust God for “anything” and know He will do it!
The recreation of an eye, internal organs, or any part of the human body. When these miracles happen in this ministry, they do not “surprise” me in any way . But, it would surprise me if they would not happen. This “knowing” is the prime factor that keeps me in constant contact with God. Being “in tune” with the Holy Spirit and doing the will of God is my priority!
Remember this, God is no respecter of persons. What He has done for others, He can do for you, and will. Just use your faith ! Have faith in God and expect God to give you the miracle that you need, and it will happen!

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