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Christian Writer's eBook was founded by my dear wife Linda Kay Stewart Whitsitt. Linda was called home to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on May 29, 2015 after a battle with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. Linda is a Born Again Christian lady of many talents. Raised in Southern California, her love for music lead her to form an all girl band at her alma mater, Downey High School in the Mid 60's. The unnamed band consisted of Eileen Matthews on Lead guitar, Nancy Roubal on bass, Karen Carpenter on drums, and Linda Stewart on rhythm guitar. It wasn't long after that, Karen and her brother, Richard Carpenter formed their own very successful duo The Carpenters. Several years later, Linda was asked to play bass guitar with Dick Dale who was reforming his famous 60's surf band, "Dick Dale and The Deltones." Dick also wanted Linda to be MC for the group. Being a quiet girl and not wanting to be in the spotlight, she declined the offer.

Linda, besides being a freelance writer, had been honing her skills as a
screenwriter for over 12 years. Linda had 5 completed screenplays in different stages of  pre-production under her belt. She has been taught and mentored by professionals in the industry such as Ray Goldrup, (How The West Was Won, Windwalker,  Little House on the Prairie, Gunsmoke) and Dave Johnson (Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, Doc, High Incident, The Client) a successful Christian Producer in Hollywood. 
Linda took those screenwriting skills and in 2007 she started producing Christian based videos on Bible doctrine, Christian apologetics and  end-time prophecy and what is happening today. She set up video channels on YouTube and GodTube as well as other video channels and when she went home to the Lord her YouTube channel had reached 2,000,176 views and 3,850 subscribers. Her YouTube channel has had over 272,000 more views since she went home to the Lord.

Since Linda went home to the Lord I have carried on her YouTube channel and am now president of  Christian Writer's eBook. I like Linda am
a Born Again Christian, freelance writer and syndicated columnist. My column The Classic Movie Corner, is carried in Newspapers and Magazines in several states and major cities. I also have dabbled in the field of acting, and have appeared in live theatre as well a TV and movies. I'm also Webmaster and Co-owner of The Christian Link and owner of WebTech Design Group, an Internet design and hosting company based in Utah.

Terry Gordon Whitsitt


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