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  Author Page - Susie Jansen

Christian Author Susie Jansen and her Husband
 Christian Author
Susie Jansen and her Husband


Susie (Epinger) Jansen grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She is a former first grade teacher and now enjoys being a stay-at-home mom to her three children. She currently home schools and teaches in her son’s four year old Sunday school class. She and her husband just celebrated their twenty year wedding anniversary in 2013.

Her interests include Bible Study, adoption, spiritual warfare, and writing. Her greatest passion is connecting with God and writing about His amazing love for us.

Christian Writers E-book Net, is proud to have 
Susie Jansen as one of our authors. We are also
 glad to be the publisher of her newest E-Book:
God's Page by Susie Jansen


Synopsis: God's Page
by Susie Jansen

God’s Page is a book of creative non fiction which shares the author’s personal encounters with the One True God. The answer to the question, “Does God care to connect with any of us?” is answered dramatically through true stories that line up with The Word of God. The author expresses why God’s Page is far more important than her own Facebook page or the many she comes across each day. The compelling message throughout the chapters is that God paid a great price to have a connection with each one of us, and His “friend request” is the one we don’t want to ignore.

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