During these fascinating times that are leading up to the climax of history, there is so much contradictory speculation about how it's all going to unfold that anyone looking for reliable answers inevitably ends up in confusion. How do you choose when you hear various credible sources interpreting the same information and coming up with such opposing conclusions?

My approach has been to look at the issues with fresh eyes and to take into account the fact that centuries of tradition mean nothing at all if the doctrine was faulty to begin with. During the process, I've had to kill off some sacred cows of my own. There have been ideas that have been introduced to me that are contrary to Scripture and to common sense. There have been things that I've wondered about, and I'm sure that there are plenty of others who've been puzzled by the same issues. Well, at last, some definite answers are available.

The Universe was created by a super-intelligent being. The good news is that His attitude towards us is benevolent and loving. The thrust of this book is that there is mathematical precision in the timing of God's actions. To this point, we've been aware of some cycles within the Bible. Now, we know of a new cycle that ties in very well with the others.

Given that we can track this cycle precisely, we can now verify the dates of important Bible events, being:

The date of the creation of Adam;

How long Adam and Eve spent in the Garden of Eden;

The date of Abraham's birth;

The fact that Isaac was 22-23 years old when he and Abraham went to Moriah;

The date of the Exodus;

The length of the Time of the Judges;

The date for King David's reign;

The starting date for the reigns of the kings of the Divided Kingdom (It's not 931 BC); and

Much more.

Knowing what went on in the past and how these correlate to particular cycles gives us a valuable tool with which to interpret the likely events in the very near future. For example, we can see that there is likely to be a very spectacular sign which heralds the Second Coming just a few years later.

There have been significant errors in interpreting the Books of Daniel and Revelation. You might be comforted to know that there are certain events that were predicted and which are already resolved. Others are yet to be fulfilled. Whether or not you believe in a coming Armageddon, I've established the location which is referred to in Revelation. Hint! It's not Meggido.

During the research process, I've discovered writings of a fourth-century Christian historian named Eusebius who has created a very detailed time-line from before 5,000 BC until his own life-time. His calculations agree with mine to the point that the correlation is startling. The amazing thing about it is that we have arrived at the same conclusions using very different methods. It may be a prudent time for a renewed examination of Eusebius' writings, even with their minor imperfections.

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